Electrical Testing, Electric Quality Analysis in Wheeling, WV

Electric Quality Analysis & Maintenance

Trust the professionals from Rose Electric in Wheeling, West Virginia, for routine electric quality analysis
and maintenance.

Tell the Quality of Your Power

Electric quality analysis uses meters and graphing equipment to determine the quality of the power you are receiving. Should we notice any bonding or quality issues, such as a power factor, completing the quality analysis will detect the problem to make corrections.

When you turn to us, our electrical contractor tries to achieve optimum power quality for you, our valued customer. Often, dirty power causes many problems in systems, especially IT systems and backup UPS systems. With an electric quality analysis, we can diagnose the health of your electric systems.

Preventive Maintenance with Infrared Thermography

We utilize a Fluke TI30 Thermal Imager to take thermograms of electrical components. The state-of-the-art tool also gives a visual depiction of the heat signature of any heat component, such as a fuse, relay, and others, which, in turn, lets us know of an upcoming failure. Trust us to keep your plant up and running.

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